Star City – Multi Use Entertainment Facility

Construction is well underway for the new Multi Use Entertainment Facility at Sydney’s Star City Casino.

The new ‘MUEF’ will accommodate up to 4000 people and be used for concerts, live telecasts, cinema and fashion parades.

Due to high density residential living surrounding the new facility, very strict noise parameters have been set for the project.

The Durra Acoustic Roof/Ceiling System has been chosen for its superior noise transmission loss performance.

The Durra Acoustic Roof/Ceiling System will be pre-assembled on a ground based jig and then crane hoisted into position using the Durra Lifting Frame.


Acoustic Roof/Ceiling System

Bottom Layer

•Durra 400 I Beam Purlins

•Durra Panel S50 – Plain

Top Layer

•Durra 80 Duplex Beam Purlins

•Durra Panel S50 – Plain


Builder: Brookfield Multiplex

Installer: Sydney Projects/Brookfield Multiplex

Architect: Fitzpatrick & Partners

Acoustic Consultant: Acoustic Logic

Ortech Grand Slams Noise At Margaret Court Arena

Margaret Court Arena has taken a step forward with a major redevelopment well under way with one of the new features, a fully enclosed Arena with a retractable roof.
Ortech Industries have been working with the design team on an Acoustic roof system that will accompany the pleated roof design. The Australian Made Durra Roof System provides an acoustic envelope to contain noise within the arena and keep rain noise out.
During construction, a safe and fast assembly of the Ortech system will be completed in modules on the ground. It is then craned into position and fixed onto the structure, providing a safe trafficable ceiling that allows for other trades to follow through below.
Ortech have a long track record for providing exceptional acoustic control in landmark sports and entertainment precincts Australia wide. We all look forward to a successful outcome for the home of the Australian Open.

QGC’s Northern Water Treatment Plant Project QLD – Durra Panelised Acoustic Roof and Wall Systems

QGC’s Northern Water Treatment Plant Project near Wandoan QLD is nearing half way through completion. The project consists of 2 water treatment buildings and is a part of QGC’s Water management strategy to make water treated for beneficial use for local landholders, industry and communities. Working with project contractors Laing O’Rourke, Ortech Industries have specifically designed a 6th Generation Lifting Frame that is capable of lifting full height panelised acoustic roof and wall modules of nominal 16m high x 9m wide. The modules are assembled on the ground complete with the building’s roof or wall cladding and fittings prior to crane hoisting onto the structure. This innovative panelised method of construction eliminates 90% of the risks associated with working at heights and compresses build time. Durra Panel was faced with a perforated anticon before being placed into the grid, easily achieving the acoustic requirements for sound absorption, as well as break out noise control. Contractor installers Q-Clad Pty Ltd were able to safely cover the 5000m2 building envelope within 3 weeks. A corner stone objective of Ortech is to satisfy the ever growing need for sustainable innovative construction techniques combined with modular solutions and pre fabrication – Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DfMA) methodology.


Ortech Sets The Stage With 4,500m2 In 7 Days

The largest sound stage in the southern hemisphere is now near completion on the Gold Coast. The aptly named “super stage” will be the latest addition to the studio lot with a foot print of approximately 4,500m2.

To compress the build time, our new generation Lifting Frame was used to install 4,500m2 of acoustic Durra Panel and Durra Steel Sections in 7 days, including the metal deck roof sheeting.

A guide for the on-site installation logistics are as follows:

1. A team of twelve tradesmen were used on-site to assemble and install the Durra Panel, Durra Steel Sections and metal deck roofing (metal deck fixed to the top flange of Durra Steel Sections).

2. Over a period of 7 days , 40 No. panelised modules of Durra Panel and Durra Steel Sections were assembled on ground and crane hoisted onto the structure including installation of the metal deck roofing . Roof height was approximately 25+M above ground level.

3. Each panelised lift was 114M2 in area, nominal 4,000 kg per lift.

4. It took 7 days to complete the works.

5. There were generally between 6-8 lifts of 114M2 per day.

6. Penetrations for the smoke vents were formed into the lift module on ground prior to crane hoisting.

Installer: QClad Industrial Roof and Wall Cladding

Marist College Bendigo Stage 2

At Marist College Bendigo, A new multipurpose sports facility is now under construction that will serve both the new school precinct and the local area as a whole.

The new sports facility will feature Durra Panel Acoustic Pattern in the roof/ceiling system. A high impact resistant ceiling panel that provides both echo control and noise isolation in one. Available in most Dulux colours, the Durra Steel Sections were also supplied with a powder coat paint finish to match.

The 850m2 of Ortech acoustic roof and ceiling system was installed using the Durra Lifting Frame, a fast and safe method of construction. Large modules of Durra Panel and Durra Steel Sections were assembled on ground and stacked on top of each other to save space on site in preparation for lifting. The modules are then crane hoisted using the Lifting Frame and bolted on to the structure. Once complete, Durra Panel provides a safe trafficable work platform to enhance the roof installation process, no safety mesh or roof raisers required.


Durra Walkable Ceiling Panel Point Load Testing- Two Tonnes !

Durra Walkable Ceiling Panel Point Load Testing – Two Tonnes

Long term safety and reliability are key criteria when choosing a Walkable Ceiling for your project. Ortech’s Managing Director Derek Layfield is pleased to sign off on the latest development in Durra Walkable Ceiling Panels.

Ortech Industries are market leaders in the manufacture of Walkable Ceiling Systems for over 40 years.

The test video above shows the New High Performance Durra Walkable Ceiling Panel undergoing extreme point load safety testing. The Durra Walkable Ceiling Panel (metal faced) sustained a point load of over 2 Tonnes for 2 minutes, with no sign of catastrophic failure. As you can also see from the test video above, once the point load is removed, the panels unique inbuilt memory returns and continues to provide significant load bearing support.

The New Durra Walkable Ceiling Panel is FM (Factory Mutual) Approved as a class 1 fire resistant product. The combination of; high strength, long term reliability, impact and fire resistance makes Durra Panel the safest choice for your Walkable Ceiling project.



If you are interested in more information, please click(still to be added) here for the walkable ceilings booklet and for full test result results please contact your Ortech representative.

Another Walkable Ceiling For Italy

The last container doors have closed for a large walkable ceiling project in Bologna, Italy. The high end clean room manufacturing facility required over 40,000m2 of our trafficable ceiling system, equivalent in size to a roof over the MCG.

For the past 4 months our Bendigo manufacturing facility has neatly packed over 60 40’ shipping containers of Durra Panel and Durra Steel Sections. Overall a staggering 1,000 tonnes of locally sourced straw fiber and 350 Tonnes of Australian made steel. Jeff Bothe – Workforce and Industry Development Manager from Bendigo City Council came by to congratulate our Factory manager, Jamie Townsend on a great effort.

Darling Harbour Live -“Tomorrow’s Sydney”

Sydney will soon welcome the new world class intergrated Convention, Exhibition and Entertainment Facilities at Darling Harbour. Currently under construction, the fast paced project will include an ultramodern entertainment theatre, a premier convention/exhibition centre and Australias largest, most spectacular Ballroom featuring 270 degree harbour views.

With a critical project timeline and need for a high performance acoustic roof system, Durra Panel and Durra Steel Sections were selected to cover each of the building envelopes to control break-out noise and noise intrusion. A simple dual-layered panelised system was assembled in large modules safely on the ground. Once complete, the module are being crane hoisted using the Durra Lifting Frame and placed onto the roof structure, ensuring fast coverage while minimising risks associated with working at heights.

It’s a privilege to be involved in one of the biggest projects in Australia, we all look forward to what will be a great public space for entertainment. Doors scheduled to open December 2016.

Click on the link below to view the Darling Harbour Live Flythrough

Industrial Water Project of the Year 2016

Laing O’Rourke’s Northern Water Treatment Plant – Wandoan QLD, has been named the Industrial Water Project of the Year at the 2016 Global Water Awards. “The application of DfMA methodology (Design for Manufacture and Assembly) resulted in a significant reduction in site hours, improved productivity and quality with a material reduction in safety risk, when compared with a traditional ‘stick built’ approach.”

To construct the acoustic roof and walls of the treatment plant, Durra Panel, Durra Steel Sections (roof purlins and wall girts) and metal cladding were assembled on ground into large modules (9m wide x 16m long) and then crane hoisted into position using the Durra Lifting Frame. The 5000m2 building envelope including the acoustic lining was completed in less than three weeks. “Laing O’Rourke delivered a high quality product that received praise from the client on a number of fronts, including seven separate safety awards.”

Roofing Contractor: Q-Clad