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‘The Loft’ Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show 2018

Something BIG is on its way to the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show…

Designed by the award-winning minds at NH Architecture, our 2018 Kids Under Cover Display Studio, aptly named “The Loft” brings a fresh, contemporary take on our modular building systems.

The MIFGS has become a key date on the Ortech Calendar since our association with KUC began, and after months of collaboration and plenty of man hours, our most exciting 6 star BCA compliant display studio to date is in its last stages of completion.

With all tests and checks completed, “The Loft” has undergone the final touches before gates open to the public on Wednesday.

The Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show will run from the 21st to the 25th of March at the Royal Exhibition Building & Carlton Gardens.


Melbourne Exhibition Centre Expansion

Ortech is proud to once again be involved with the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre during the final stage of their multi-million dollar expansion.

Located in the heart of South Wharf, the expansion is set to be finished mid-2018, and will see Melbourne set the benchmark for exhibition spaces nationwide.

Given it’s close proximity to major roads as well as requiring high performance acoustics within the convention areas, Durra Panel was a natural choice to help mitigate break-out noise and provide Acoustic Absorption within the ceiling envelope.

Combined with our Durra lifting frame and the fact Durra Panel is trafficable once installed, installation across the structure was practical, efficient and above all, safe.

Working closely with Probuild, the expansion has been a massive undertaking, with MCEC stating on their website: “Over 16,000 square meters of roofing panels are being erected over the new exhibition space – enough to cover 100 hockey rinks”.




Life Church New Zealand

Ortech is proud to celebrate another successful export of our Durra Building Systems – this time bound for Auckland, New Zealand – to cap off what was a busy year of large-scale production.

With a 1,750 seat auditorium among many other exciting features of Life NZ’s relocation to their new Central Campus, Acoustic Performance was highlighted as a priority considering the church’s close proximity to residencies and major roadways. Durra Panel provides a natural solution given its ability to mitigate break-out noise to the surrounding neighbourhood.

8 Containers have been sent over with the project set to be finished in early 2019.


Durra Acoustic Ceiling Featured on ‘Build It Bigger’

The Durra Acoustic Ceiling comprising of Durra Panel and Durra Steel Sections as featured on Discovery Channel’s Build it Bigger in a recently aired episode.

‘Drought Proofing Australia’ is based around the Victorian Desalination Plant, it delves into the construction of one of the largest Desalination Plants in the world.

“The reverse osmosis building is not only the largest of the 29 structures on-site – it’s also the largest industrial facility ever designed to be virtually invisible to passersby. The enormous 6-acre roof will be topped with 100,000 native plants growing on a high-tech foam membrane system. The vegetation will preserve views by mimicking a gently sloping hill; but this design isn’t just to make the plant look pretty. It brings the added benefits of sound dampening and protection from corrosive salt air.”

The Durra Acoustic Ceiling was successfully installed over the entire roof area of the Reverse Ozmosis Building using the Durra Lifting Frame.

The right choice for:

  • Enhanced Site Safety
  • Rapid Installation
  • Highly Impact Resistant Finishes
  • Superior Reliable Acoustic Performance





Star City – Multi Use Entertainment Facility

Construction is well underway for the new Multi Use Entertainment Facility at Sydney’s Star City Casino.

The new ‘MUEF’ will accommodate up to 4000 people and be used for concerts, live telecasts, cinema and fashion parades.

Due to high density residential living surrounding the new facility, very strict noise parameters have been set for the project.

The Durra Acoustic Roof/Ceiling System has been chosen for its superior noise transmission loss performance.

The Durra Acoustic Roof/Ceiling System will be pre-assembled on a ground based jig and then crane hoisted into position using the Durra Lifting Frame.


Acoustic Roof/Ceiling System

Bottom Layer

•Durra 400 I Beam Purlins

•Durra Panel S50 – Plain

Top Layer

•Durra 80 Duplex Beam Purlins

•Durra Panel S50 – Plain


Builder: Brookfield Multiplex

Installer: Sydney Projects/Brookfield Multiplex

Architect: Fitzpatrick & Partners

Acoustic Consultant: Acoustic Logic

Ortech Grand Slams Noise At Margaret Court Arena

Margaret Court Arena has taken a step forward with a major redevelopment well under way with one of the new features, a fully enclosed Arena with a retractable roof.
Ortech Industries have been working with the design team on an Acoustic roof system that will accompany the pleated roof design. The Australian Made Durra Roof System provides an acoustic envelope to contain noise within the arena and keep rain noise out.
During construction, a safe and fast assembly of the Ortech system will be completed in modules on the ground. It is then craned into position and fixed onto the structure, providing a safe trafficable ceiling that allows for other trades to follow through below.
Ortech have a long track record for providing exceptional acoustic control in landmark sports and entertainment precincts Australia wide. We all look forward to a successful outcome for the home of the Australian Open.

QGC’s Northern Water Treatment Plant Project QLD – Durra Panelised Acoustic Roof and Wall Systems

QGC’s Northern Water Treatment Plant Project near Wandoan QLD is nearing half way through completion. The project consists of 2 water treatment buildings and is a part of QGC’s Water management strategy to make water treated for beneficial use for local landholders, industry and communities. Working with project contractors Laing O’Rourke, Ortech Industries have specifically designed a 6th Generation Lifting Frame that is capable of lifting full height panelised acoustic roof and wall modules of nominal 16m high x 9m wide. The modules are assembled on the ground complete with the building’s roof or wall cladding and fittings prior to crane hoisting onto the structure. This innovative panelised method of construction eliminates 90% of the risks associated with working at heights and compresses build time. Durra Panel was faced with a perforated anticon before being placed into the grid, easily achieving the acoustic requirements for sound absorption, as well as break out noise control. Contractor installers Q-Clad Pty Ltd were able to safely cover the 5000m2 building envelope within 3 weeks. A corner stone objective of Ortech is to satisfy the ever growing need for sustainable innovative construction techniques combined with modular solutions and pre fabrication – Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DfMA) methodology.


Ortech Sets The Stage With 4,500m2 In 7 Days

The largest sound stage in the southern hemisphere is now near completion on the Gold Coast. The aptly named “super stage” will be the latest addition to the studio lot with a foot print of approximately 4,500m2.

To compress the build time, our new generation Lifting Frame was used to install 4,500m2 of acoustic Durra Panel and Durra Steel Sections in 7 days, including the metal deck roof sheeting.

A guide for the on-site installation logistics are as follows:

1. A team of twelve tradesmen were used on-site to assemble and install the Durra Panel, Durra Steel Sections and metal deck roofing (metal deck fixed to the top flange of Durra Steel Sections).

2. Over a period of 7 days , 40 No. panelised modules of Durra Panel and Durra Steel Sections were assembled on ground and crane hoisted onto the structure including installation of the metal deck roofing . Roof height was approximately 25+M above ground level.

3. Each panelised lift was 114M2 in area, nominal 4,000 kg per lift.

4. It took 7 days to complete the works.

5. There were generally between 6-8 lifts of 114M2 per day.

6. Penetrations for the smoke vents were formed into the lift module on ground prior to crane hoisting.

Installer: QClad Industrial Roof and Wall Cladding