Eco Form Design Features

Eco-Form Design Features

Durra Eco-Form Features

  • Impact Resistance (durable walls)
  • Thermal Resistance
  • Fire Resistance
  • Acoustic Performance
  • Termite & Rodent Resistance
  • Low VOC emissions
  • Simple to construct
  • Extendable (modular design)
  • Materials Pre-cut & Flat Packaged
  • Temporary or Permanent (Relocatable)

The Studios

The construction system is based on a 1200mm modular grid. Internal walls and ceilings (height 2500mm) are constructed with a lightweight steel framework and high impact and fire resistant panels - Durra Panel. Studios are delivered flat packaged to site for assembly or can be constructed off-site and craned into position.

Durra Eco-Form systems are ideal as temporary or permanent structures. A key feature of the system, allows for a building to be disassembled into flat packages and stored at the end of its service life and be relocated, reconfigured, and extended into virtually any floor plan as required, leaving no trace of the previous building. The modular nature of Eco-Form systems allows flexible floorplan designs to suit your project requirements.


The Materials

Eco-Form systems are constructed from Durra Panel® and Durra Steel sections. The use of Durra Panel provides the desirable properties of noise control, thermal insulation and impact resistance with virtually no volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions thereby improving indoor air quality. A healthy environment for the comfort and privacy of your living needs.


The Finish

Exterior walls and roof are clad with colorbond and are insulated (minimum R = 3.0). Standard model features include aluminium windows and doors for low maintenance. A range of low VOC paints are available for a complete interior finish.


Simple to Construct

Being modular, the majority of materials are pre-cut and flat packaged, ready for delivery to site. Durra Building Kits can be assembled in a matter of days, and require minimal on-site cutting. The simplicity of construction is clear, as only basic hand tools are required, making it easy for the DIY market.