Features and Benefits


Durra Panels have a tried and proven track record for low frequency noise control. Durra Building Systems can be designed to meet your specific acoustic needs; noise reduction and reverberation control, which makes Durra systems ideal choices for airports, hotels, arenas and theatres, just to name a few. Durra Panel is the labour saving alternative to expensive multilayer plasterboard ceiling and wall systems. Compress your build time and save money with Durra Panel.

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If a fire strikes, you know you’ve planned for safety because you’ve built with Durra Panel. With a fire rated panel to panel joint, Durra Panel has a 1 hour fire rating. The densely compressed panel core carbonizes when exposed to flame. A unique, naturally fire resistant product that releases no dangerous toxic chemicals, combined with a low smoke density index. In 2008 Durra Panel received fire resistance testing certification with FM Approvals as a Class 1 construction material.

Durra Panel has high thermal insulating qualities with the advantage of thermal mass; 18 – 24kg / m². Thermal insulation is achieved by retarding the flow of heat through the material itself rather than reflecting. The R Value of Durra Panel ranges from 0.62 – 0.72. A wide variety of Durra Building Systems can be configured to meet project performance specifications with R values of 4 and above.

Durra is tough. A single panel is 10 times more impact resistant than conventional drywall and twice as impact resistant as cement sheet products. In fact, Durra Panels are trafficable so that your workers have a safe ceiling work platform to complete roof construction or to maintain your mechanical system.


Durra’s consistent density eliminates the need for studs in your interior wall partitions. With 25mm perimeter support a 2400mm x 1200mm Durra Panel can accept a uniformly distributed load of almost 1800kg. Durra Panel meets the requirements of AS 1562-1980  as a trafficable work platform.


With the reality of climate change, we must consider how green building materials are and how their use will impact on the environment. It is essential to measure how much energy is used in manufacturing processes (measured in MJ/m²) to determine how much carbon is released to the atmosphere on a product by product basis as a contribution to global warming.

Durra Panels are manufactured from a natural, renewable annual resource; wheat and rice straw, which is an agricultural waste by-product that would otherwise be burnt after harvest contributing to carbon emissions.

The Durra manufacturing process combines heat and pressure to form a solid panel core. A natural polymer in the straw fibre is extracted during this process and acts as a natural binding agent.

A water based PVA glue is used to encapsulate the panel core with recycled kraft liner paper. No additional chemical binding agents, glues or resins are added during the manufacturing process; a process that requires no water and gas and produces zero toxic waste.

At the end of its useful life, Durra Panel can be re-used or safely disposed at landfill or mulched for garden use as a fertiliser.

Embodied Energy is the energy consumed by all of the processes associated with the manufacture of Durra Panel. Durra Panel has an embodied energy content of 12.6 MJ/m² compared to a stud and plaster wall of 153 MJ/m².


With growing attention on preventing black mould in homes and commercial spaces, Durra Panel is designed to be 7 times more resistant to mould than conventional plaster materials. The solid panel core minimises the potential for condensation to occur.

Durra Panel is vapour diffusant and works well in areas of high humidity. Uses of Durra Panel for both wall and ceiling application are extensive in the Northern Territory, Queensland and throughout Asia.

Durra Panel is weather resistant, but not waterproof, it is capable of withstanding the elements of sun, wind and rain for a short period of time during the construction process. Care must be taken to make sure that the panels have no damage cuts, tears.

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The wheat and rice straw used in Durra Panel is not considered a food source for termites and white ants. Tests results revealed that minor tunneling may occur through the core to access a food source behind the panel, but they would not eat the panel core.

The compressed density of Durra Panel gives the product strength and durability which is not subject to attacks from rodents. Test results revealed no damage or only minor scratches on the (paint) surface.


Nothing affects your bottom line more than saving time. Durra products install quickly and easily. Durra Panels can be delivered pre-cut to site and require minimal or no on-site cutting.

For walls, you simply install the panels into a floor track and snap together Durra’s patented biscuit connector system. For roofs and ceilings, you have the capability to install modules at a pace-setting 100 square metres every hour using the Durra Lifting Frame.


Ortech offer the combination of Durra Panel and Durra Steel sections to deliver complete building systems. Both panel and steel can be delivered to site pre-finished and pre-cut (specific to the client’s requirements) ready for construction.

Durra Panels can be applied to vertical, horizontal, pitched and curved design