FM Approval

FM Approval

A world first for Ortech Durra Panel Manufacturing Technology.

Ortech Durra Panel® has achieved a world first in strawboard fire resistance testing. Durra Panel® is a product ahead of its time. Manufactured from a renewable annual resource, wheat or rice straw, which is also a by-product of farming. The unique manufacturing process uses extreme heat and compression to produce a strawboard construction panel suitable for wall and ceiling applications in the Building Industry.

Under the Factory Mutual Approvals’ global certification program, Durra Panel S50 was tested to the highest national and international standards for suitability of intended use, practical performance, and durability and reliability.
“The FM APPROVED mark, which is backed by scientific research and testing, tells customers your product conforms to the highest standards.”

Factory Mutual Approvals specialise in testing property loss prevention products and services and certifying those that meet the highest loss prevention standards.

For a copy of our FM Approval Report, please contact an Ortech Technical Representative.
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