Kids Under Cover

Through responsive action with a focus on prevention, Kids Under Cover constructs purpose built, quality homes which provide disenfranchised children and young people with the opportunity to remain with family by easing the pressures of over crowding, or to facilitate foster family placements.

Kids Under Cover also provides housing solutions for homeless and at-risk young people.

Ortech Industries have been supplying and donating Kids Under Cover with quality Bungalows made from Durra Panel since 1998.

Kids Under Cover belives every young person has the right to a safe, secure, healthy home, and a sound education. They work to make this belief a reality.

β€˜The Kids Under Cover program has been installing and relocating Durra Cabins for the last 10 years – this equates to around 400 units (As of 2008). These cabins are occupied 24/7 and we are delighted with the overall durability and minimal maintenance required.’

Jo Swift
Kids Under Cover


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