Ratings and Certification Testing

Ratings Certifications and Testing

Fire Ratings

Type Rating Test
FM Approval Class 1 FM 4450
Flame Spread Class A – FSI 5 & SDI 25 ASTM E84/UL 723
Fire Resistance 1 & 2 Hour
(UL R21521/U049)
ASTM E119/UL 263
S50 Panel clad 3.5mm skim plaster coating 1 Hour BS 476 Part 1 1953
T58 Panel partition clad 3.5mm skim plaster coating 1 Hour BS 476 Part 8 1972
T58 Panel clad 12.5mm plasterboard 1 Hour ASTM E-119
T58 Panel clad 16mm Gyprock Super Fyrcheck partition 2 Hour AS 1530 Part 4 1985
T58 Panel Plain 1/2 Hour AS 1530 Part 4 1985
S50 Ceiling Panel with 125 Duplex Beam and plaster beam mould capping 1 Hour AS 1530 Part 4 1975


Sound Ratings – (please consult Acoustic Manual for details)

Type Rating Test
Sound Transmission Loss STC 34 – 75 ASTM E90-99, E413-87, E1132-90
Sound Absorption NRC .65 – .95 ASTM C423-90a, E795-93


Environmental Ratings

Type Rating Test
Mold and Mildew Passed ASTM D3273-94
Termites Not a food source No: BLS 06/4-2
Rodents No damage/minor scratches No: 7842/8083/N139


Structural Ratings

Type Rating Test
Nail Pull 49kg ASTM C473-00
Structural Rack Load 500kg
allowable load
ASTM E72-98
USB Load MWL: 100kg per pair
SWL: 60kg per pair
No: V031028/1