Removable Acoustic Roof

This is the perfect example of our removable roof system.

This Durra Building System in Homebush, New South Wales was installed for their new Fujitsu Data Centre. Our acoustic panels have been specifically chosen for their noise reduction and reverberation control, as this building is within a residential area. The Durra Trafficable/Walkable Suspended Ceiling is a unique 2 in 1 system, providing an outstanding mass barrier for acoustic and thermal insulation to the work area below and a safe walkable access area to maintain services above the ceiling. It is a cost effective system that has outstanding acoustic properties, along with strong fire resistance and environmental benefits.

The Durra Lifting Frame was used to save valuable time, cost, and improves the safety of workers on site. It has been widely used on large scale projects to install roof/ceiling (modular) systems in record breaking time.

Durra Building Systems can be designed to meet your specific acoustic needs; noise reduction and reverberation control, which makes Durra systems ideal choices for airports, hotels, arenas and theatres, just to name a few.