Lifting Frame

DURRA Lifting Frame

The Durra Lifting Frame is a unique installation system developed by Ortech Industries to save valuable time, cost, and improves the safety of workers on site. It has been widely used on large scale projects to install roof/ceiling (modular) systems in record breaking time.

The Durra Lifting Frame can be used for horizontal, vertical and curved applications.


The Durra Lifting Frame has the ability to install complete ceiling (or wall) modules (approximately 80 – 100m²) in approximately 60 minutes. Once modules are positioned, and secured to the building structure, the modules become a trafficable platform to enhance the roof installation process.

Durra ceiling (or wall) modules are assembled on the ground and can be stacked on top of one another to increase site space as well as enhancing the Lifting frame process. The stacked modules may then be installed in succession.

The advantages of being able to install large areas of finished ceiling modules in a short period of time, allows the flow of other trades associated with the construction to commence.


The use of the Durra Lifting Frame will increase on-site safety as assembly of Durra modules occurs on ground level. When modules are ready for lifting, the Durra Lifting Frame is attached to the module and crane lifted into position on to the structural steel.

Prior to lifting, safety scaffolding posts can be attached directly to the Durra Steel Purlins followed by handrails secured to the posts.

Workers at ceiling/roof level or in elevated work platforms will securely bolt the module into place, using typical purlin cleats. Once bolted into position the module becomes a safe and trafficable work platform.


The Durra Lifting Frame is a cost saving installation system as construction of ceiling modules are at ground level eliminating the need for extensive and costly on site birdcage scaffolding.

Secured ceiling modules complete with safety handrails become trafficable platforms, allowing the flow of other trades below and enhancing the roof installation process.