Trafficable Suspended Ceiling Systems

Trafficable Ceiling Systems

The Durra Trafficable/Walkable Suspended Ceiling is a unique 2 in 1 system, providing an outstanding mass barrier for acoustic and thermal insulation to the work area below and a safe walkable access area to maintain services above the ceiling. It is a cost effective system that has outstanding acoustic properties, along with strong fire resistance and environmental benefits.

When Durra Panel® is firmly clamped down into the steel grid with Durra wedges, a dust tight seal is formed, making this system suitable for clean room environments.

The system uses Ortech Duplex beams as main runners spaced at 1200mm centres that are suspended from the structural steel work above. Cross Tee units are used to form the Durra panel to panel joint. This ceiling steel grid provides 25mm support around the perimeter of each Durra Panel®, once securely fixed, the ceiling becomes a trafficable work platform                                                                    

Ortech can provide a range of suspended trafficable / walkable ceiling systems that can span up to 10m between structural suspension points to suit project needs.

Should you require further information or assistance during the design or construction phase, please contact a Technical Representative.

Universal Support Brackets

For suspending light-weight services from the ceiling, Ortech offer universal support brackets which connect to the bottom flange of Durra Steel purlins. The Universal Support Brackets (USBs) are supplied in pairs and are rated to a safe working load (SWL) capacity of 60kg per pair. Fixing bolts are not included.

Please contact a Technical Representative for point loading capacity of Durra Steel purlins for your individual project requirements.