Manufacturing facilities can be tailored to produce materials for the most sophisticated high performance roof, ceiling and wall systems; commercial, industrial, and residential applications.

Also a diverse range of modular buildings, including residential housing, field hospitals, schools, barracks, medical clinics and emergency shelters – a concern for nations undergoing radical redevelopment.

Here’s what constructing a Durra production facility can deliver:

  • A complete range of sophisticated engineered acoustic roof, ceiling and wall systems combining steel roll forming with a variety of Durra panel products.
  • Meet growing demand for quality, affordable housing and related infrastructure facilities that can be easily expanded for future needs.
  • Use readily accessible natural materials.
  • Stimulate nationwide economy by generating significant activity in the agriculture, construction and job sectors.
  • Provide a turnkey solution with training and ongoing support.
  • Offer significant return on a minimal investment.

Licensing this production technology provides an opportunity to convert a plentiful and currently overlooked resource – straw fibre – into a versatile, durable and fire-resistant construction material.

Exclusivity and Licensing Agreement will be considered on a country by country basis.

If you have any queries, please contact a Technical Representative.